Marquise C Brown Honey In My Heels
So, let me tell you...

Honey In My Heels (HIMH) was created to inspire and be inspired to explore fashion, style and freedom of expression. Sharing the sweet sound of positivity and treating each day as if it is the last. Also, always remembering that "life is about walking on the sweet side of things."

About Me
I grew up in sunny California and have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from Woodbury University. Following a three-month fashion design residency in London, UK, I finally understood that fashion, but more specifically style, is more than clothing. My sincere goal in life  is to inspire myself and others to chase your dreams, follow your passion, protect your flame of glory and be inspired by those who choose to be "distinctively and necessarily different."

I am an actress, a dreamer, and a lover of life - because baby, I've got honey in my heels!