Over The Knees

So, let me tell you...

At the moment, I find myself thinking more about wearing skirts and flirty little things to contrast my thicker layers. With that, over the knee socks have been high on my closet shopping list as well. I feel like it's a good way to have the best of both worlds.

Wearing vintage blazer H&M turtleneck, Topshop mini skirt H&M socks with Topshop boots

Wearing Topshop necklace and L.A.M.B bag

Outfit Details:

Vintage: Sasson blazer

H&M turtleneck

Topshop Skirt

H&M over the knee socks

Topshop boots

Topshop necklace

Unknown belt

Caravelle NY watch

L.A.M.B bag /old 

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