Do You Boo Boo

Current Mood // Do You Boo Boo

When I started blogging, I used to find the need to try to fit in with the "currents" in hopes to be where they are one day. I wanted to look a certain way or wear certain things not because I truly thought it was the coolest for me, but only because it was trending at the moment. Don't get me wrong I do fall prey to a few of the current trends, it's hard not to sometimes when you like it, you like it. :) But I'm reminded, when I see certain people doing some of the things that I aspire to do, they didn't get there by fitting in with the "currents". They got there by being themselves and creating new waves. Life is too short to live in the idea of someone elses wake. So, do you boo boo. ;) 

Outfit Details:

Boohoo top (alternative herehere)

H&M faux leather skirt (alternative here&here)

Steve Madden heels (alternative here)

H&M sunglasses

Marshalls bag

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