Cyber Monday

Honey In My Heels Cyber Monday Finds

So, let me tell you...

Every time there is a big sale I do one of two things. I either buy things that aren't all that essential to my closet, or I pass up on the items that I should have gotten while they were on sale / in stock and then totally regret not buying them later. So, this time around I was determined to not have the same experience. Consequently, I spent some time over the long holiday weekend scouring my online favorites for the best cyber deals. Of course, I wish I could buy them all, but last time I checked my money tree wasn't planted out back. If you find it let me know. So until then it'll be eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Except for the bomber jacket, that one I'm getting fa sho. haha 

P.s. The items below are only a few of the many things I found, check the SHOP for more of my picks.

Happy Monday!