Goodbye 2015 ~ Hello 2016

So, let me tell you...

2015 was one heck of a year. I learned so much about myself. I had some ups and quite a few downs. From being in love and getting my heart broken to learning how to pick up the pieces and keep moving forward despite the heartache. Learning how to go from being a dynamic duo to a kick a** single. :)  All while trusting that with every heartache and disappointment there is a purpose. 

I've gained an appreciation for living in the now and preparing myself for the future. Being reminded to never settle for anything less than you deserve. Stand true to yourself and know that you can have every dream that is in your heart, if you truly  believe it. Oprah says in  one of her Lifeclasses, "listen to your life as it whispers to you first. Life whispers to you all the time... and if you don't get the whisper it gets louder." Learning about myself and embracing that sentiment has been truly powerful. 

 2016 will be all about pursuing everything that is in my heart and constantly listening to the whisper. 

Also, returning to a regular posting schedule. And I'll just say it now so it's out there and you can hold me accountable if you don't see it happening. But, getting back to making YouTube videos and adding that feature to the blog. I haven't quite figured out all of the details of the channel yet but I'm forcing myself to get out of the "it must be planned from a-z box" and seeing how it unfolds. 

 The overall theme for last year was, you'll only go as far as you push yourself to go, and you'll only succeed as much as you expect. I'm bringing that into this new year along with so many other aspects. However, the quote that I am starting the year with is this. "Blaze a path of your own brilliance and illuminate the world."

So here's to all the brilliant, relentless dreamers and steadfast believers, may this year be more than you even imagine and illuminated with a passion and love that is so strong that no one can shake. Happy New Year loves!