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So, let me tell you..

Remember when I said that something new was coming to the blog? (like last year!?) Well, it finally happened! I wanted to add a video segment to Honey In My Heels for the longest time however, I never set the time out to actually do it. But I made it a goal this year to stop draggin' my feet and get it goin'. As of right now, I plan on posting new videos once a month, but, that might change. Idk, we'll see.

Either way, I wanted to add this feature to HIMH to incorporate more aspects of my life that I don't always talk about or document on the blog/Instagram. Like the fact that since going natural, I've become a MAJOR product junkie. haha And thankfully, for my bank account I've finally found my staple products. So, instead of deviating from my usual fashion related topics in my posts, I'll be talking about stuff like that on my Youtube channel! But it won't just be hair stuff, I'll finally start showing you my impulsive DIY's that you all know that I love to do. :)  But if you check out the video you'll get more info!

Now, onto this OOTD, this vintage Kasper blazer is one that just sits in my closet until I have tried on all of my other blazers that I think might possibly work for whatever outfit I have on for that day. Nevertheless, whenever I do put it on, I'm always reminded of the fascinating classic detailing. The long wide notched lapels, the coordinating buttons and the relaxed belt in the back just really makes this piece, which ultimately gives this look a lil somethin' somethin'. 

Marquise C Brown natural hair personal style blogger
how to wear cut out sheer plaid top and vintage blazer
Honey In My Heels - wearing vintage Kasper blazer with big button details
Honey In My Heels - Marquise C Brown personal style blogger business casual ootd
Outfit Details - vintage Kasper blazer H&M sunglasses
Marquise C Brown ootd

Outfit Details 

Vintage Kasper blazer (alternative here)

Elodie cut out top 

Levis jeans

Zara heels

H&M sunglasses

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