2017 The Year of More

So, let me tell you...

Officially, Happy New Year, beauties! 2016, man what a time (said in my Drake voice). Last year was full of growth coupled with quite a few personal challenges. Challenges that ultimately left me chasing after some of the wrong things and neglecting my passions like acting and Honey In My Heels. All of which left me feeling consistently overwhelmed and unfulfilled. Most of the time I felt like I was busy being busy, chasing my own tail. However, even with the challenges, the personal development that I experienced last year was so insightful and invigorating. Similarly, I was able to partner with new brands like Banana Republic, Romwe, SheIn and a few more collaborations are in the works! Yay! 

However, like many, one of the things that I appreciate about the new year is the feeling of having a fresh start. Like you get to update and reboot your system. Having had some time to reflect, my system can definitely use some updates. In particular, one of my goals for 2017 is to push myself to explore the depths of my creativity. Challenging me to cultivate more opportunities leading to more/ better content for you all! Surely creating a sense of peace knowing that I'm doing something that brings me true joy. I'm so inspired by the consistent creativity that we are able to experience and discover on a daily and it only drives me to want to throw myself into the deep end and stop wading in shallow waters. 

Speaking of throwing myself in... for those of you who may be wondering about the YouTube channel that I started in the beginning of 2016 and seemingly abandoned? Well, I could list excuse after excuse, but truthfully, last year wasn't the right time for me to start the channel. Solely because I didn't really have a plan for it - I just knew that I wanted to start a YT channel. I've been told plenty of times before, that you don't always have to have a plan but to just get started. For some, and in certain cases that may work, but for others, that concept didn't really work for me. Seeing that as soon as things got tough and or busy the lack of planning became a problem. With that, I do plan on continuing the channel, but when I do, you better believe I'll have a plan. :)    

In a word, 2016 was alright (minus many heartbreaking political events). I stepped out of my comfort zone in many ways and retreated in others. My ultimate goal for 2017 is to make bold moves and to stop worrying if I have the "right answer". But instead, consider whether or not the answer is right for me. It's easy to retreat to comfort, but it's so much more thrilling to explore uncharted territories. I want to live more, laugh more, dance more, create more, connect more...

So here's to 2017, may it be the year of more and a year of fearless exploration for us! 

What are some of your goals for 2017?

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