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So, let me tell you...

I've been asked many times before, who takes all of my photos for me? Someone even thought that I had someone with me every day to take pictures of me on the go. Well, in this post, I'm going to shed a little light on the reality of what goes on behind the lens.

About three years ago, I came to a crossroads with the blog. I had to choose between quitting the blog or finding another photographer. What happened to the first one, you ask? He was my ex. When I first started HIMH my ex (let's call him G for the sake of the story) and I we were still dating. G, slightly reluctant at first, eventually came around and was kind enough to take on the role of "blogger boyfriend." Helping me take all of my photos for the blog amidst our weekend escapades. That is until things started to get a little rocky and our dynamic began to shift. We went from weekend escapades to not so much. 

Marquise C Brown - Honey In My Heels - how to wear a slip dress with jeans
Honey In My Heels - Marquise C Brown - Moving Forward
Honey In My Heels - outfit of the night, what to wear with jeans and red velvet ankle boots

At that point, I had to figure out just what to do. Not only about my relationship (more on that later) but also with the blog. I went from having a full-time helpmate to no one at all. Faced with the decision to finish what I believed was just getting started, or figure out another way to keep moving forward without the help of G. I'm sure by now, you figured out that I kept moving forward (spoiler alert). However, I didn't do it in the most "traditional" way. Instead of finding another photographer, I found myself. I used this new awkward place that I was in as an opportunity to learn how to take my own photos. I went from being a self-proclaimed horrible photographer to one who can figure out how to rig the camera to get the shot.

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Moving Forward - Honey In My Heels
Marquise C Brown - personal style blogger - ootd - ootn

I'm telling you this, in hopes to inspire you to always pick the option to move forward. Since then, I've taken about 98% of my own pictures; learning different tricks along the way. I still have a lot more to learn, but such is life. Through this, I discovered a determination inside of myself that I didn't recognize before. Determined not to allow circumstantial changes to deter me from progressing towards something that fuels me. 

If you yourself needed this bit of inspo, or you know someone who might need to read this, please share. My hope is always to inspire people to "do what sets (their) soul on fire." Even if it doesn't necessarily come easily or naturally. Keep striving forward, and I'm sure you'll figure out a way to make whatever "it" is, happen.  

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Honey In My Heels - what to wear with red velvet ankle boots
Honey In My Heels, What I'm Wearing: black slip dress, midwash Zara jeans, ruby red velvet Nine West ankle boots

What I'm Wearing:

Unknown slip dress

Zara jeans

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Forever 21 earrings

Brighton Belt

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