Playing with Colors

So, let me tell you...

Some of the many things that I enjoy about the summer season are the warm breezes, bright colors, and fresh blooms. All of which have inspired my desire to try new things with my clothing this season - such as integrating new color combinations into my looks. Like this lilac pullover and these yellow heels from Banana Republic! Styling these two colors together was totally out of my norm. I was originally going to wear the top and heels separately keeping the rest of my outfit low-key with a pop of color, but since I have been in the business of trying new things, I wanted to challenge myself to really try something new for me. And I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this combo together. The duo gave this look a fresh and vibrant vibe, perfect for summer. 

Honey In My Heels - Marquise C Brown - ootd

Speaking of surprises, would it surprise you to know that this top is made of wool? Wool in the summer!? I know, it's hardly ever mentioned, but wool is far more flexible than people might think, and can actually be worn all year around. More specifically, merino wool, like this pullover, is lightweight, breathable and comfortable on the skin. I have really sensitive skin so wearing certain wool garments can be a bit uncomfortable for me but that was not the case this time around. I'm definitely looking forward to using this top to layer in the fall and adding some cheery color to some of the darker tones we typically see during the season.

Banana Republic crew neck ribbed top Zara button down denim skirt
Banana Republic Jackie suede heels


N' while on the subject of cheerful colors, these suede heels make me so happy! One might even say they give me happy feet (bum-dum-tshhh). As I've said plenty of times before, I'm really into textures, and the ruffle detail on the back is so nifty. Theses heels are the definition of chill in the front, but party in the back. Which I love! Years ago I had a bright blue pair of heels with a ruffle detail in the front that I loved (and I grew out of), and never found anything to replace them, until now. From the moment I stepped into them, these little bright beauts put a smile on my face. These shoes are an awesome statement piece that can be worn all dolled up or even with a basic t-shirt and jeans combo and totally kick it up a notch. My kind of shoe!

Considering that I was wearing two bright colors, I styled the mix with my favorite denim skirt to use as a neutral. I added a touch of gold with a vintage gold lion clip-on that I found the last time I raided my mom's jewelry box. It's a cool little ornament to add to any outfit to give it a little more character. Which I feel goes hand-in-hand with Banana Republic's clothing. I've found that whether it's a basic or a statement piece from fabric choice to design, BR's apparel tends to have neat characteristics making each piece just as special as the next.  

Honey In My Heels
Honey In My Heels - Marquise C Brown ootd
Banana Republic top Zara skirt Banana Republic heels
Marquise C Brown - personal style natural hair fashion blogger
Honey In My Heels - Marquise C Brown - Playing with Colors - ootd

Outfit Details

Banana Republic top (*c/o)

Zara skirt  

Banana Republic heels (*c/o)

ZeroUV sunglasses 

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