Summer Culottes

how to wear olive green culottes - Honey In My Heels
So, let me tell you...

I finally got my hands on a pair of easy breezy culottes just in the nick of time for summer, finally. I'm as late to the trend as I am on this post. Not because I haven't tried in both cases, but for varying reasons for each.

In terms of this post, my acting work (a topic that I don't really talk about on the blog, which I can do if you're interested) thankfully has picked up quite a bit this year, and I haven't mastered the balance between blogging work and acting work just yet. But in due time I'll figure it out.   

However, in terms of these pants/the culotte trend I have tried on my fair share of culottes without finding the fit that I like. Until my mom ordered these pants from a store, that I'm still not quite sure the name of, on Amazon. She ordered these pants (and two additional colors) for herself but because the sizing was too small for her and just right for me, they ended up in my closet instead of hers. Ok, truth, if they were one size bigger they would be perfect. But for now, and the way in which I got them, they are just perf, haha. Good looking out Mom! 

To match my carefree feeling while in these pants I paired them with an old graphic t shirt that I turned into a crop top with a little #diy action layered on top of a matching olive green printed bra - for a little something extra. I finished off the look with my go-to leopard print sandals and mix match gold dangle earrings. 

Honey In My Heels Marquise C Brown - summer culottes ootd
How to wear mix match earrings - wearing one vintage earring
How to wear mix match earrings - wearing one H&M earring
Marquise C Brown - Honey In My Heels summer ootd ideas

Outfit Details:

Top: Cotton On (alt. here)

Pants: Amazon Fashion (alt. here)

Heels: Abound - Nordstrom Rack (alt. here)

Earrings: Right- vintage, Left- H&M (alt. here)

Honey In My Heels - Marquise C Brown la fashion blogger summer style ootd
Outfit details: Cotton On graphic t shirt, Amazon fashion culottes, Abound heels, Vintage earring, H&M earring
What to wear with olive green culottes

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