They Say, "Slow and Steady Wins the Race"

Marquise C Brown - Honey In My Heels
So, let me tell you...

I believe a lot is changing for me these days. Like all of a sudden, I'm aware of things that I wasn't aware of before. It’s taking me a lot less time to process certain information that would have previously taken me months to figure out. I don't know if it’s because of the new year or I woke up on the right side of the bed, at just the right time, and on just the right day (yeah right). It’s probably just “adulting”. Moving forward, the topics that I’ll be talking about on HIMH won't always merely be about what I’m wearing. Sometimes I might share the way that I feel as I’m writing the post, or how I felt the day that I wore the outfit, or maybe it’s completely unrelated to what you're actually seeing. Recently I thought, sure, I could continue to tell you all about my OOTDs (which I’ll still do) — that’s the easy part. The hard part is being vulnerable. Because what I really want to tell you is a story, my story. The good, the bad — and the ugly? Well, I’ll save that for something else. All in hopes to motivate someone to continue to live their life despite unfortunate circumstances and strive to be uncompromisingly themselves. People are quick to say, “slow and steady wins the race”, but when it comes to truly living your best life, you understand that it’s not a race. There is no gold, silver or bronze medal at the end. Yet there are memories and experiences, and the question of how you helped people along the way is what really matters. So with time, not only will I share with you the lessons that I’ve learned, but also stories that are true to my heart. I’ll share with you the ebb and flow of being an actress and a model and working to pursue the path that I’ve chosen. Read along and find out just how I got Honey In My Heels.

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Honey In My Heels, how to wear plaid on plaid
What I'm Wearing: Vintgae Kasper for A.S.L blazer, Junk Food t shirt, Forever 21 skirt, Madden Girl oxfords

What I'm Wearing:

Vintage Kasper for A.S.L. blazer

Junk Food t shirt

Forever 21 skirt

Madden Girl shoes

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Marquise C Brown - Honey In My Heels
Marquise C Brown - Honey In My Heels, personal style fashion blogger outfit of the day
 Old blazer, new skirt. Perfect match.

Old blazer, new skirt. Perfect match.

Plaid blazer and a plaid skirt with a cut out graphic t shirt
What to wear with a plaid suit

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